It is important to note that copier technology is ever changing.
Thus messages hidden on Document Security Paper will appear most of the time.
However messages cannot be guaranteed to appear 100% of the time
when used with all copiers or scanners.

I made a copy on my photocopier and the hidden message did not appear.

One of the most popular security features - and the one that is the most undependable - is hidden message technology. This is the feature that is known as the "VOID" pantograph or "VOID" Background.

The idea behind this feature is that the words such as "VOID" --- "UNAUTHORIZED COPY" --- "COPY" appear when a prescription, check or other document appear when photocopied.

There are a number of patented methods used to accomplish this task. It is important to understand that due to changing copier technology, you may find that a document (prescription) can be duplicated on some photo copiers without the words "VOID" or other hidden messages showing up on the copy.
This is a problem experienced by every manufacturer of document security paper.
For this reason it is very important that a secure document (prescription) contain a number of different security features ~ "Layer on Layer Security."

When the new Medicaid law was passed, it wisely stated that ...
" ... to be considered tamper resistant, a prescription pad must contain all of the foregoing three characteristics ..."

The are many ways to protect a document.
Security Technologies
Every feature adds additional cost to a document.
The use of Multiple Features insures that a document (script) cannot be accurately duplicated and that one can always identify a copy (forgery) from an original.

"Securing Paper Money" is an ongoing problem experienced by Nations of the world. New features are being added to United States Currency on a regular basis. It is interesting to note that "Hidden Message Technology" is seldom, if ever found on currency. In our opinion we believe this is because this is the most undependable security technology!

Remember, the reason document security features used is to "prevent accurate document duplication."

A secure document (prescription) that contains numerous security features, features such as "color change ink," "artificial watermark" and "coin activated ink" for example, is virtually impossible to accurately duplicate using a standard or color copier, scanner or even a digital camera.

If a "Hidden Message" fails to appear, it does not mean a document is counterfeit.
It means the recipient should check for additional features. It is recommend that a "Warning Band" or "Warning Box" be printed on a secure document (prescription). This is the best way to list the various features contained in the document Securing a document is not an absolute science. However through the use on "layer-on-layer" security features, it is difficult, if not impossible, to accurately duplicate a document (prescription)

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